What’s next?

So I was going through a reference book for completing my course on Entrepreneurial management. For some reason, it’s stated in the book that it is a problem for small-scale industries to obtain appropriate licences because of the prevalence of corruption and bureaucracy in the country. How messed up is that?

It is now an acceptable part of a  system to educate people about corruption in government organisations, being a threat to them in going further with their entrepreneurial dreams. First of all, the government itself is in such an f-ed state, when it comes to dealing with its own citizen’s priorities. This has to be obvious because when do government priorities ever lie with the interests of it’s citizens.

To be honest, it really does feel that these institutions can get away with doing anything. People really don’t seem to care about what their leaders are doing to them. Considering that a large portion of people doesn’t even bother to vote, proves that they don’t care about the political situation of the country.  Hell, even I have never voted, but that’s because I haven’t had a chance to yet. It’s funny how people don’t vote but are ready to complain about almost everything that the government does, right? (Hmmm…. sounds familiar.)

What’s next for us? I don’t know.

Whatever comes in the future is going to be equally good as bad. Balance in all things and whatnot. It’s scary to think that we, as a country are inevitably spiralling into a chasm of chaos. It’s even scarier to think that India is not the only country with such problems. Here, we sit with our friends and joke about those ten lizard men ruling over the world. Reality may not be that far away from that. To think that there is a group of people who own the world is not a far-fetched thought anymore. Clearly, we see that all governmental institutions are dictators in their own right. Democracy is a figure of speech, it is still the people with power who rule, which brings us to the argument, does voting even matter?

How the hell did Donald Trump become president?(IT WAS RIGGED) I always wanted that to happen, because deep down inside I’ve always wanted to laugh at America for their unique ways of handling situations. Now I feel America is laughing back at me because that orange haired ferret is just one button away from blowing up the world.

What’s next?

To be honest with you all, I see nothing but a dark future for all humanity, and that is me being optimistic. Although a lot of “good” happens in the world, to consider something as “good” would be to acknowledge a solution to a clear problem. Everything that we consider “good” has had their own fair share of shady history. I’m not talking about NGOs or charity organisations here, because they are clearly a good thing. I am talking about “good” things. Things that governmental institutions promise to provide for and then proceed to make a colossal mess out of it.  Do you think the United Nations was set up for a “good” purpose? Do you think that institutions like the world bank, various governments and the likes of the CIA and FBI are set up to help other people? Even the police is something that we are now scared of, instead of feeling protected. These are the people who created a commodity for currency/ exchange and these are the same institutions who continue to dominate in terms of its possession.( Same goes to CIA, FBI and other such institutions to dominate through intelligence and information instead of money)

This is like going to an orphanage, giving them a promise to feed them, then proceed to take all the food for yourself while giving out small breadcrumbs to the others. Does this make any sense? It doesn’t. So why should it be accepted on such a large scale?

A few years ago, it would have been a joke to say that somebody is watching us through our cameras and hearing us through our microphones. Now, it’s just plain scary. There is no such thing called privacy. Security is a joke and mental peace is at an all-time low. This is not to say that nothing good is happening in the world, it is. But everything that is good or aims to good has an equally dark and shady aspect which they don’t bring to light. Things just don’t happen, they either happen for or because of something. A few years from now, we’ll all know that we have made a grave mistake by putting in blind trust into those who claim to rule us.


The cat’s story

Our beautiful little cat has melted our hearts for the past two days. Along with two of his brothers were rescued three days ago and we brought him home. Poor guy is frightened of humans and only trusts me and my brother as of now. He’s an enthusiastic and energetic little guy who loves to climb. He loves to nibble on your fingers two! When he’s sleepy, he loves belly rubs and chin scratches. I feel so lucky to have this beautiful being in my life, my little Neko chan.

The beauty of reality

Our planet has existed for four and half billion years, withstanding everything that space has thrown at it. Now, so many years later, as a product of evolution, humans rule the planet. A once barren wasteland is now home to seven billion highly intelligent beings who are capable of so many wonderful things. Humans are the cause of everything that is now going on in this world. From global warming to capitalism flourishing, we are the ones who have created it all. To think that just a few hundred thousand years ago, which seems like nothing on the cosmic scale, there was no life on Earth. We evolved from bacteria who knew how to distinguish between light and darkness. With natural selection on its course, the perfect inhabitant for the Earth was crafted by mother nature, Human beings.

We underrate ourselves. Humans are the most complex creatures to have ever walked on planet Earth, possibly to be the most complex creatures to ever walk on it.  Even so, we are the primary cause for all that is good and all that is evil in this world. It is easy to see life as something created for us, written for us and to thank those who have written our destiny, but it is exciting to realise that destiny is in our hands.

With the brilliant work of Isaac Newton, humans were allowed to comprehend the universe. To think that there were worlds other than ours wouldn’t have even been a possibility if it weren’t for people like Newton. On a cosmic scale, our lives are insignificant. Out there, there are stars hundred times of that of our sun, who are going supernova, ready to explode at any moment, there could even be extraterrestrial life, alien megastructures around stars or even new exoplanets which could support life. Instead of funding space research and trying to unravel the mysteries of our universe, we’re funding wars and are ruining the planet which we call home.

The simplest of questions are the most difficult to answer. What is life? It is such a simple question, even so, nobody has an answer. Our reality is something that we perceive individually, reality means something to each one of us and life is different for each of us. All life is essentially governed by information, genetic information passed down from generation to generation. altering itself to evolve those who need it, resulting in the survival of the most desirable beings.  We are now trying to find a way to alter genes, if we can accomplish such a task, it would be revolutionary for us as a species.

There is so much to yet to discover on our planet alone, imagine the what’s there to find in the universe?

Everything is real, at the same time, nothing is. Nothing can be true, at the same time everything can. This is the beauty of reality. It’s a cycle of hopelessness, of which we are a part of. We have questions to which answers can never be found and answers to which questions cannot be made. Life itself is at the core of this reality.

It feels like I am imprisoned here when I know that there is so much more to see than what is here, and the fact that most humans will never get to see anything more than the Earth is both frightening and depressing. Science has given as many new questions as it has provided solutions.

It feels surreal to be alive, I can barely believe that everything that’s going on is actually happening. I have no reason to feel it, but I have all the reason to fear it. I cannot understand what it is or how it came to be, but I can feel that it gives me a reason to move on.

Into the frying pan…

The world has changed a lot in the very brief time that I have been allowed to be on it and in that brief time alone, there have been more than an adequate amount of experiences which have shaped and are continuing to shape who I am today. I am sure it is a similar case with you, all of us have so many memories which we want to forget and so many memories that we want to create, even more so, that we want to share. This is something that everybody does every day and nobody seems to understand how much of an important factor, the ability to create memories actually is. Today, we see so many people trying to create memories for others, whether or not they want it. A forced memory is nothing to look back upon, and by this, I mean having decisions taken ‘for’ you instead of ‘by’ you.

A time comes in everyone’s life when they have to take a decision. The decision of what they choose as a career path. This is arguably the most important memory one holds in their life because it’s the only memory associated all throughout life itself. It is with this decision that so many lives have changed throughout history and in some cases, has gone on to change the world. I think every parent sees their children as the meaning to their life, and if I ever become a parent, I’m sure that my child will be the only reason for my existence. There is no doubt that all parents love their children immensely, but when it comes to making life decisions, everything goes for a toss. Parents love to make decisions for their children, and in many cases, this isn’t a bad thing at all, but problems arise when there is a clash of opinions between parents and their children. I’m not talking about petty family feuds which really should be resolved easily, I’m talking about those big life decisions that the parent wants the child to make early on in their lives and have them slog like animals to work their asses off just to get good grades to become a doctor or engineer or whatever the parent thinks the child is supposed to be. I think as many people can relate to this statement just as many as those who cannot because there are parents who let their children take important decisions and parents who do not.

Life is a game where there is no winning, so if you ask me, there is no real success in life, everything is made up and it is made up by us, for us. That’s a simulation in its own right, but that is a discussion for another time. We all will eventually end up dead, and there’s no other way about it. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely better to die with a lot of money than to die without, but what actually matters is not how much money we had when we died, but the fact that we did die. I apologize for taking such a dark turn, but I’m sure you will see the reason soon enough. If we are all going to die anyway, we might as well die, having done something we love, creating the memories that we want to create and doing the things that we believe is right for us. I think that is something that a lot of people are yet to understand, especially parents, in my country at least. Of course, it is not right for me to make such claims, and I have no right to comment on what some parents have chosen for their children, but when it can so clearly be seen that their own children, who they love so much, are unhappy with what has been decided for them, there is no other way to go about it. I have been fortunate enough to have wonderful parents, who support me in everything that I decide for myself, but can everyone say the same?

Children are being worked too hard, way too early, at least in my country. Expectations are always at a maximum, while broad-minded thinking is not high at all. Children are subjected to so many ridiculous expectations by parents, by the time they are teenagers, they feel the pressure to perform. There have been so many cases, which have even gone to the extent of these beautiful souls, taking their own lives so that they don’t have to face their disappointed parents, just because they didn’t do well at an entrance exam. If this is what the future of our people is being subjected to, how can any progress be expected?

High school is supposed to be the beginning of something great for each student, instead, it is a customized hell for everyone in it. Teachers and parents alike, act as if there isn’t anything more than studying, scoring well in all exams, getting a mundane job and working in it for the rest of their lives. People should understand, now more than ever, that choices made for their children should be for their benefit and development. It is alright if the child isn’t academically proficient, not everything starts and ends with school and good grades. Just imagine the number of professionals we have lost, just because their parents forced them to do something else. Love can be as brutal as it is rewarding, but to love in search of gain is not love at all.

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The education dilemma

We believe education to be a way out of mundane and boring lives, to get out and do something with our lives by learning a lot and getting really rich!

It’s so easy right, straightforward. Very simple to get going. We’re gonna get our degree, get a job, work all our lives and get rich!

Yeah, no it doesn’t work like that. I look back at the time that I’ve been at school and just wonder, after a certain point (8th grade) I was perfectly capable of coping up with studies on my own without the need of my teacher’s help. It wasn’t the case just for me, many others felt this way as well. Chances are you too feel that schools and colleges are not entirely up to the mark when it comes to providing quality education. In fact, they seem to have a very misguided sense of what discipline and “good behaviour” is. There was a time in high school where my school’s principal gave me a hard time because I criticized the school’s functioning. I believe my criticism to be right as a physics professor cannot be mistaking elastic collisions for inelastic ones and teaching it in whatever way she pleases. Our own teacher had no clue about the subject that she teaching and our school really did nothing about it. This is the case in many schools across my country and frankly, it’s a pain in the ass to have these idiots come “teach” us whatever they believe to be physics or any other subject. It’s as if we were just expected to learn whatever nonsense they taught us and once we put in the effort to actually learn what is correct and what is not after WE put in the effort for getting a good performance in OUR exams, the teachers are commended for doing a great job. Teachers and students alike, all of them were fools. They would come and teach us nonsense, my peers would gladly accept what they teach as the truth. Anyone who said anything otherwise would be kicked out of the class, so I had no option but to sit and familiarise myself with concepts of physics that doesn’t even exist.

Physics aside, our English teacher was equally bad. At least in physics, we had 50% of the truth and 50% of made up bolognese, but English was 100% bullshit. “You to NAT talk” “I to teach, you to listen” “Defaulters must not share their experience”.

I wish I was making this up. These are the words from my English teacher’s mouth, and mind you, she still works there. She is the Vice Principal now and has a PhD in what she calls English, of course, I think otherwise. When nobody finished their homework in English, she made all of us stand, being the teenage students that we were, we were just talking to ourselves, not really giving a f*ck about what she’s teaching. Then she hit us with the golden dialogue, “DEFAULTERS MUST NAT SHARE THE EXPERIENCE”. She could have just asked us to shut up or stop talking, but Mrs.PhD needs to show that she knows 3 more words. It was terrible, and if you studied at a school just as ridiculous as mine, you’d know what I’m talking about.

Because of experiences like this, I have grown to despise institutionalised education. Even now at college, of course, it isn’t as bad as school, I still feel uncomfortable with how things are and how they seem to be. Some major flaws in institutionalised education, which I believe to be true is that it is quite one-sided in terms of progression. There is only one way of doing things and that is to score well in your exams. There are a said number of subjects that you have to study if you want enough credits to pass out of it, and once you do pass out, if you are lucky enough to get a job, you will do the same thing that you did in college in your job as well. You work hard to reach your objectives and you’re left with an unsatisfactory amount of recognition for the work put in. Now that I think about it, these aren’t flaws at all, this is how the system is designed so that more and more people who are foolish enough to think that education is the everything, get caught in the web of corporate spiders. Of course, it is not all that bad to work corporate, but it’s good only if you land the good jobs. There are so many companies that just hire freshers and offload them like some sort of human cattle just six months later. Education is useful, I’m not saying that it’s not. But the quality of education matters and quality education is only available to some. You either have to be extremely smart and work your way to the best institutes or just be born rich and buy your way. If you’re anywhere in between, education is not for you. It could be if it weren’t for student debt. Expecting a student, who can’t even land a bloody job to pay off his debts by the time they pass out is just as ridiculous as expecting a chicken to fly as high as an eagle just because it has wings.

Let’s say that you are a smart one, and you do work your way to the top institute, then what? You just do more work for corporate once you pass out. You just keep working until one day you decide that you really don’t want to work anymore and you retire. Then what? You’re retired! You can do whatever you want now!! Hooray for you right?

WRONG!! You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and that’s the beauty of living our lives. If you think about it, being retired after working years in corporate is similar to getting out of prison. You work your asses off for them, you’ll get some little recognition and then you get out. Sure, you’ll make a lot of money but it’s like trading your soul for all that money. For those who are at the top, it really doesn’t matter because you guys are the ones making all the real money anyway. Human cattle is strategically termed as “Human Resource” and treated like cattle anyway. They can replace any and every employee because there really isn’t a shortage of unemployed citizens is there?

Through the education system, which is so conveniently set up for corporate giants, they can hire and fire people as they please, without giving a shi*t about those who are coming and going. Of course, you might be a lousy worker, in which case you deserve to get fired, but that’s not the point I am trying to convey. Right now, there seems to be a buzz about working corporate as if it is the only acceptable field of work, or at least it is like that where I live. That’s also one the reasons I’ve started this blog, to prove to people that you really don’t need to sell your souls for life to people who just want your time and effort so that they can continue to make more money. You can do what you like, when you like it, without anyone telling you otherwise.

I have family working at the top for corporate giants, I have immense respect and love for them and what they achieved in life is far beyond what I can even comprehend. But I can see that they are working their asses off day in and day out, travelling here and there on a daily basis for business. This is so clearly taking a toll on their family life as well health. That’s not the life that I want to lead and if you ask me, that’s not a life worth leading. Although the money involved seems like it will be worth it, I don’t think I am willing to sacrifice so much just for that sake.

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