Her past


She was lonely, in a dark and unforgiving world. Not alone in presence, but alone in the mind. Such is the way fear works, it makes the weak stronger, and the strong, weaker. Time made sure that her world only grew darker, every glimmer of light Was shut down and every instance of hope was banished. The darkness took over, leaving her to die, tortured with the past, which now haunted her. Unaware of what lies ahead, she tries to give up, but time had other plans for her. Time wouldn’t let Her give up, as time passed, she grew more conscious, she understood more, she began to accept. But, redemption was not yet to be As the worst was yet to come. She had lived through it all, tortured and cursed, without a choice, without freedom and without Independence. Filled with regret, anger and lament, she cried in pain, in a lonely dark world. What she desired was now a lost Dream, what she dreamed was a lost desire. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see what could have been, and every time she opens her eyes, she sees what is. Not knowing why, not knowing how she begins to look in despair, but it comes to no avail, as only Time shall tell. She doesn’t give up, she doesn’t want to anymore, she gets herself up and faces the world, only to be pushed down again, by Forces out of her control. Weak from the last attack, she is once again afraid, but yet again, is struck down by time’s grief.


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