I have always been an Arsenal fan, all my life, Arsenal was the only club that I wanted to support. I was never lucky enough to watch the likes Thierry Henry  or Dennis Bergkamp play, but what I was fortunate enough to watch, was Arsene’s Wenger’s philosophy. Wenger was as pathetic a manager as much as he was legendary. From winning the Premier League, to Trophy-less seasons, to winning the FA cup to making Arsenal into a Europa League team, this man has done everything. Arsenal never won a Champion’s League during his reign, but that was never really ever possible. I never understood why Mathieu Flamini and Yaya Sanogo were ever signed for the club, they were useless. But at least the last signings of Arsene Wenger could prove to be a good pair. Auba and Mkhi could be the future of the club, but I doubt Unai Emery will ever be as good a manager as Wenger was. Arsenal is going down, they have been losing consistently against all the big teams and they can’t really seem to beat any of them. Defensively they are absolutely shambolic and I see no hope for them.

But they score good goals, they are entertaining to watch when they play well and they can attack and counter attack with speed and precision. That’s what they are good at. Arsenal is a team which, right now seems to be on the decline. I don’t think anything positive can happen in terms of their league position unless a major takeover happens as it did in the case of Manchester City. Although Stan Kroenke is now the proud owner of Arsenal Football Club, I have no faith in him as he doesn’t really care if the club wins trophies, are at least it seems so. Aresnal makes a lot of money, and they will continue to make a lot of money, it seems like the perfect place to invest your money in because it’s like a machine that generates profits, but not trophies. This is mainly due to Arsenal fans, who keep supporting the club while crying and complaining  all night about either the referees or *insert Arsenal defender name*’s terrible performance.

It’s a difficult club to support, yes. But we Arsenal fans have hope, that some day Arsenal will reach it’s former glory. Which I predict, will be next season (and every subsequent season after that until Arsenal actually win something).


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