Into the frying pan…

The world has changed a lot in the very brief time that I have been allowed to be on it and in that brief time alone, there have been more than an adequate amount of experiences which have shaped and are continuing to shape who I am today. I am sure it is a similar case with you, all of us have so many memories which we want to forget and so many memories that we want to create, even more so, that we want to share. This is something that everybody does every day and nobody seems to understand how much of an important factor, the ability to create memories actually is. Today, we see so many people trying to create memories for others, whether or not they want it. A forced memory is nothing to look back upon, and by this, I mean having decisions taken ‘for’ you instead of ‘by’ you.

A time comes in everyone’s life when they have to take a decision. The decision of what they choose as a career path. This is arguably the most important memory one holds in their life because it’s the only memory associated all throughout life itself. It is with this decision that so many lives have changed throughout history and in some cases, has gone on to change the world. I think every parent sees their children as the meaning to their life, and if I ever become a parent, I’m sure that my child will be the only reason for my existence. There is no doubt that all parents love their children immensely, but when it comes to making life decisions, everything goes for a toss. Parents love to make decisions for their children, and in many cases, this isn’t a bad thing at all, but problems arise when there is a clash of opinions between parents and their children. I’m not talking about petty family feuds which really should be resolved easily, I’m talking about those big life decisions that the parent wants the child to make early on in their lives and have them slog like animals to work their asses off just to get good grades to become a doctor or engineer or whatever the parent thinks the child is supposed to be. I think as many people can relate to this statement just as many as those who cannot because there are parents who let their children take important decisions and parents who do not.

Life is a game where there is no winning, so if you ask me, there is no real success in life, everything is made up and it is made up by us, for us. That’s a simulation in its own right, but that is a discussion for another time. We all will eventually end up dead, and there’s no other way about it. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely better to die with a lot of money than to die without, but what actually matters is not how much money we had when we died, but the fact that we did die. I apologize for taking such a dark turn, but I’m sure you will see the reason soon enough. If we are all going to die anyway, we might as well die, having done something we love, creating the memories that we want to create and doing the things that we believe is right for us. I think that is something that a lot of people are yet to understand, especially parents, in my country at least. Of course, it is not right for me to make such claims, and I have no right to comment on what some parents have chosen for their children, but when it can so clearly be seen that their own children, who they love so much, are unhappy with what has been decided for them, there is no other way to go about it. I have been fortunate enough to have wonderful parents, who support me in everything that I decide for myself, but can everyone say the same?

Children are being worked too hard, way too early, at least in my country. Expectations are always at a maximum, while broad-minded thinking is not high at all. Children are subjected to so many ridiculous expectations by parents, by the time they are teenagers, they feel the pressure to perform. There have been so many cases, which have even gone to the extent of these beautiful souls, taking their own lives so that they don’t have to face their disappointed parents, just because they didn’t do well at an entrance exam. If this is what the future of our people is being subjected to, how can any progress be expected?

High school is supposed to be the beginning of something great for each student, instead, it is a customized hell for everyone in it. Teachers and parents alike, act as if there isn’t anything more than studying, scoring well in all exams, getting a mundane job and working in it for the rest of their lives. People should understand, now more than ever, that choices made for their children should be for their benefit and development. It is alright if the child isn’t academically proficient, not everything starts and ends with school and good grades. Just imagine the number of professionals we have lost, just because their parents forced them to do something else. Love can be as brutal as it is rewarding, but to love in search of gain is not love at all.

Please feel free to drop comments and feel free to discuss in the comments as to whether or not you agree with me. I will be more than happy to reply and take up your concerns regarding the same.

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