What’s next?

So I was going through a reference book for completing my course on Entrepreneurial management. For some reason, it’s stated in the book that it is a problem for small-scale industries to obtain appropriate licences because of the prevalence of corruption and bureaucracy in the country. How messed up is that?

It is now an acceptable part of a  system to educate people about corruption in government organisations, being a threat to them in going further with their entrepreneurial dreams. First of all, the government itself is in such an f-ed state, when it comes to dealing with its own citizen’s priorities. This has to be obvious because when do government priorities ever lie with the interests of it’s citizens.

To be honest, it really does feel that these institutions can get away with doing anything. People really don’t seem to care about what their leaders are doing to them. Considering that a large portion of people doesn’t even bother to vote, proves that they don’t care about the political situation of the country.  Hell, even I have never voted, but that’s because I haven’t had a chance to yet. It’s funny how people don’t vote but are ready to complain about almost everything that the government does, right? (Hmmm…. sounds familiar.)

What’s next for us? I don’t know.

Whatever comes in the future is going to be equally good as bad. Balance in all things and whatnot. It’s scary to think that we, as a country are inevitably spiralling into a chasm of chaos. It’s even scarier to think that India is not the only country with such problems. Here, we sit with our friends and joke about those ten lizard men ruling over the world. Reality may not be that far away from that. To think that there is a group of people who own the world is not a far-fetched thought anymore. Clearly, we see that all governmental institutions are dictators in their own right. Democracy is a figure of speech, it is still the people with power who rule, which brings us to the argument, does voting even matter?

How the hell did Donald Trump become president?(IT WAS RIGGED) I always wanted that to happen, because deep down inside I’ve always wanted to laugh at America for their unique ways of handling situations. Now I feel America is laughing back at me because that orange haired ferret is just one button away from blowing up the world.

What’s next?

To be honest with you all, I see nothing but a dark future for all humanity, and that is me being optimistic. Although a lot of “good” happens in the world, to consider something as “good” would be to acknowledge a solution to a clear problem. Everything that we consider “good” has had their own fair share of shady history. I’m not talking about NGOs or charity organisations here, because they are clearly a good thing. I am talking about “good” things. Things that governmental institutions promise to provide for and then proceed to make a colossal mess out of it.  Do you think the United Nations was set up for a “good” purpose? Do you think that institutions like the world bank, various governments and the likes of the CIA and FBI are set up to help other people? Even the police is something that we are now scared of, instead of feeling protected. These are the people who created a commodity for currency/ exchange and these are the same institutions who continue to dominate in terms of its possession.( Same goes to CIA, FBI and other such institutions to dominate through intelligence and information instead of money)

This is like going to an orphanage, giving them a promise to feed them, then proceed to take all the food for yourself while giving out small breadcrumbs to the others. Does this make any sense? It doesn’t. So why should it be accepted on such a large scale?

A few years ago, it would have been a joke to say that somebody is watching us through our cameras and hearing us through our microphones. Now, it’s just plain scary. There is no such thing called privacy. Security is a joke and mental peace is at an all-time low. This is not to say that nothing good is happening in the world, it is. But everything that is good or aims to good has an equally dark and shady aspect which they don’t bring to light. Things just don’t happen, they either happen for or because of something. A few years from now, we’ll all know that we have made a grave mistake by putting in blind trust into those who claim to rule us.


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