The misfit epiphany

A man in his 20’s looking to do something to kill his time in activities other than Netflix and YouTube is something of a common sight nowadays. There are a lot of people just chilling at home doing absolutely nothing in their lives, probably mooching of their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters or anyone else. Well, that’s me, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll know that the motivation to do something exists, but the execution doesn’t. In other words, I’m all talk and no show, and that’s a problem I don’t know how to fix. With my experience with having friends and staying with them, it is mostly the case that they can only disappoint.  Nobody really cares about a soul other than their own and that’s a fact that doesn’t need changing.  Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Being alone is a choice made by you, being lonely is a choice made for you. With this differentiation in mind, let’s go into what I believe is something of an epiphany.

Being alone is good. It is really good and it helps develop character. You develop principles that you live by and unless you’re a crazy and deranged psychopath, chances are that some alone time will do you some good and for those around you as well. It is when you’re alone that you really start thinking about what exactly you’re doing with your life, and what steps you are taking to make it better. What is most likely the case, is that you have ideas and are unable to put forward those ideas because of factors beyond your control, or at least, that’s what you think.  Whether it’s an idea for business or for personal development, these are things which you need to figure out on your own, and nobody is going to bother helping you. Seeking help will only cause more problems as it will expose you to people who also, do not really have much of an idea about what they are to do with their lives. When this situation arises, it is you who gets stuck in between, not knowing what to do, giving rise to a different set of problems.

Being alone does not mean not being in a relationship, or a group of friends or anything of that sort, it means to trust yourself more than anyone else. By being alone, you can take command of your life and free yourself from any bullshit that’s been going on, and quite frankly there’s always a lot of bullshit going on all around the world. Take the “kiki” challenge or any other challenge for example. By starting off a convention where people do stupid things for five minutes of internet fame, people expose others to do the same, and by doing so it has lead to many injuries and fatalities as well. Now this trend is not really going to stop, because people are attracted to stupid things. Being attracted to stupid things is absolutely fine, but if it leads to you getting injured or someone getting hurt, perhaps you should reconsider?

So if you are not to trust someone else, and are not to do dumb things that people do, where should you go to seek solutions? Well, the internet exists for a reason right? There is nothing you can’t do online. From learning guitar, to investing in companies, there has never been a wider range of solutions available in such abundance during any other previous time periods. When that is the case, the internet is our biggest asset, and before any giant corporation tries to monetize our most valuable asset for their selfish needs (which is already happening), we should look for ways to make the internet itself a part of our lives in more productive ways other than social media. Social media, is probably going to decline, because in all of these websites, there is only so much that can be brought in. It is now possible to start entrepreneurial activity online and generate revenue according to the skill possessed  by you. You can even make money even if you don’t have any skill, take Lil Pump for example. He has no idea about anything, but what he can do is make some beats, which are slightly average at best, but what he is good at doing is at seizing his opportunity even while being an idiot with no skill, that makes him a genius.

Whether you’re a writer, blogger, singer, dancer, entertainer, business enthusiast or even a completely unskilled moron, you CAN still make a LOT of money online, provided you are motivated and productive enough to stay committed to the cause. This is not me just saying this, there is enough evidence to prove that if you are good enough, the internet will make you money and that is exactly what I hope to be someday, to be good enough a writer to be able to make money through this blog. I believe as my first ever blog post, I want to let you know about why I started this blog, and what I plan on doing with it, which is why I have posted this, saying the things that I’ve said. With that being said, I was only able to do this because I thought of it in my alone time and I thank all those who have motivated me and given me advice to start and act upon what I believe will bring me success.

This is my boredomcure, not yours.