If hypocricy were a crime, we would all be in jail.

How often is it, that somebody says something and does the exact opposite? From our parents to our friends, everyone seems to be hypocrites. Why is it so difficult to practice as we preach? We all have, at some point during our lives preached something and have done the exact opposite, this happens to me on a daily basis, because I’m good at preaching, not so much at doing what I preach.

It’s difficult to keep up with our promises, it really is. When there is so much going on and there is eternal confusion, especially in this day and age, where jobs are getting meaningless and money is becoming a depreciating resource, it becomes difficult to focus on one particular thing and make it work. The threshold for the skills required to be able to land a good job  to live a decent life has gone up and will continue to keep going up. This is how it is, this is how life is, and we need to accept it. When everyone is in such a chaotic state of panic, preaching bullshit makes us feel that much more better about ourselves, nobody wants to be utterly useless and nobody wants people to know what kind of people they actually are, because when people find out about what kind of hypocrites we are, and when they find out the extent of hypocrisy that we follow, all respect is lost. But then again, everyone is a hypocrite, so mutually, all respect is lost.

Preaching is one thing, actually following it is another. The most common occurrence of people talking big is probably at school/college or any such institution. Teachers and students alike, everyone loves to show how much better they are when compared to the rest, be it being a HR major or getting a PhD at some random place which nobody has heard of, they feel that it is their right to talk smack just because they are more qualified. I believe it to be true, more qualified people should be allowed to teach and preach as they please, but when they do it to extent, so as to compare themselves to those who they teach to, it only brings down their own value and it just simply feels weird to listen to such highly qualified individuals just degrading themselves.. Educational institutions have become somewhat of a joke, at least in my experience, there is not really much scope for actual development of skills, instead there is a lot of room for observing pretentious numb nuts and learning nothing from them.  This, I have learnt from my experience at a coaching center that I had been to for perusing engineering, of course I never ended up doing engineering, but that is something to make fun of me for, another time.

An argument can be made that I am being a little nihilistic and being somewhat of a hypocrite myself, and to that, I say, yes. I am being an hypocrite, because it is simply in our nature to preach as we please and do nothing about it.  I preach about preaching and why you shouldn’t do it. So in a way, this blog post completely nullifies what I’m trying to convey(if that’s not ironic, I don’t know what is).

Another place where I find a lot of hypocrisy going on is right here at home. Parents love to preach ideals to their children, when it so clear that they themselves don’t follow. If you’re a parent or if you’re living at home with your parents and you’re reading this, you probably know what I’m talking about. From doing the dishes to “cleaning your room” you’ll know that they are LYING about those chores being necessary. If keeping your house clean is such an important aspect of life, why do you hire a maid? Since it’s your house, it only seems fair that such an important aspect of your life should be maintained by you. Or, let’s take an example of a the typical diabetic middle aged married couple. The husband loves to eat sweets, and the wife warns  him against eating any as it is unhealthy for both of them, but one day their lovely neighbor returns from a trip to Switzerland and brings them a plethora of chocolates and cakes.  What do you think is going to happen now? Some form of magic plays it’s tunes and suddenly all the sweets disappear( that’s the case with everyone right?).

What I’m trying to say is that hypocrisy is such a common occurrence because of the situations that arise in our lives. I think everyone is motivated in their own way to practice the principles that they want to follow, but this will not happen without any hindrances, and that is where hypocrisy comes into play.

Another aspect of hypocrisy is that there is no escaping it. One way or an other, voluntarily or not, we end up doing contradicting things. Imagine a world where all crime is legal and the only thing that could turn you in, is to be a hypocrite. If you contradict what you preach, you get thrown in jail. If this ever happens, we’d need a lot more prisons because if hypocrisy were a crime, we’d all be in jail.