The beauty of reality

Our planet has existed for four and half billion years, withstanding everything that space has thrown at it. Now, so many years later, as a product of evolution, humans rule the planet. A once barren wasteland is now home to seven billion highly intelligent beings who are capable of so many wonderful things. Humans are the cause of everything that is now going on in this world. From global warming to capitalism flourishing, we are the ones who have created it all. To think that just a few hundred thousand years ago, which seems like nothing on the cosmic scale, there was no life on Earth. We evolved from bacteria who knew how to distinguish between light and darkness. With natural selection on its course, the perfect inhabitant for the Earth was crafted by mother nature, Human beings.

We underrate ourselves. Humans are the most complex creatures to have ever walked on planet Earth, possibly to be the most complex creatures to ever walk on it.  Even so, we are the primary cause for all that is good and all that is evil in this world. It is easy to see life as something created for us, written for us and to thank those who have written our destiny, but it is exciting to realise that destiny is in our hands.

With the brilliant work of Isaac Newton, humans were allowed to comprehend the universe. To think that there were worlds other than ours wouldn’t have even been a possibility if it weren’t for people like Newton. On a cosmic scale, our lives are insignificant. Out there, there are stars hundred times of that of our sun, who are going supernova, ready to explode at any moment, there could even be extraterrestrial life, alien megastructures around stars or even new exoplanets which could support life. Instead of funding space research and trying to unravel the mysteries of our universe, we’re funding wars and are ruining the planet which we call home.

The simplest of questions are the most difficult to answer. What is life? It is such a simple question, even so, nobody has an answer. Our reality is something that we perceive individually, reality means something to each one of us and life is different for each of us. All life is essentially governed by information, genetic information passed down from generation to generation. altering itself to evolve those who need it, resulting in the survival of the most desirable beings.  We are now trying to find a way to alter genes, if we can accomplish such a task, it would be revolutionary for us as a species.

There is so much to yet to discover on our planet alone, imagine the what’s there to find in the universe?

Everything is real, at the same time, nothing is. Nothing can be true, at the same time everything can. This is the beauty of reality. It’s a cycle of hopelessness, of which we are a part of. We have questions to which answers can never be found and answers to which questions cannot be made. Life itself is at the core of this reality.

It feels like I am imprisoned here when I know that there is so much more to see than what is here, and the fact that most humans will never get to see anything more than the Earth is both frightening and depressing. Science has given as many new questions as it has provided solutions.

It feels surreal to be alive, I can barely believe that everything that’s going on is actually happening. I have no reason to feel it, but I have all the reason to fear it. I cannot understand what it is or how it came to be, but I can feel that it gives me a reason to move on.